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Notes on Vue

A personal guide to Vue development.

Let's go! →

# Welcome Aboard!

Allow me to introduce myself super quickly: I am Axel Uriel Martínez Castillo, a software developer from 🇲🇽.

Welcome to this website about Vue.js, one of my favorite technologies for the past couple years. I have fell in love with Vue because of its easy learning curve and the fact that it is so quick to develop ideas with it.

What you are about to read are the things I have learned so far about the framework and everything I share is based on first hand experiences with the different tools within the Vue ecosystem, including of course the framework itself.

You will find different types of media, like Videos from YouTube and Scrimba, as well as pens from Codepen. I will also throw small code snippets here and there.

Let's get to it!